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We are claro.

In the heart of Austria, a green paradise of cleanliness was established by the claro-founder Josef Dygruber in 1995. Surrounded by nature, claro continues to grow and is a place for inventors, testers, all-rounders and people who like to think differently. The goal is to provide sustainable products to the world from Austria. It is our desire to change the earth with our natural talents. ABOUT US

Our promise to you and the environment:

Made in Austria
Quality since 1995
Internal development
Own production
Independent of large multinationals

The eco-friendly dishwasing detergent producer from Austria.

claro is the producer for dishwashing tablets, with flawlessly clean results and simultaneously protect our environment. Since 2008, producers at claro have discovered that detergents, even without phosphate, spotless clean results obtain, and has developed a recipe that revolutionizes everything. claro has since achieved numerous milestones in order to be a pioneer in environmentally friendly dishwashing.

our bestsellers

Starter-kit for the kitchen € 26 Includes 20% MwSt. plus shipping
claro 100% cleaning power € 12 Includes 20% MwSt. plus shipping
All in 1 package € 24 Includes 20% MwSt. plus shipping