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These ingredients are the basis of our all-rounders.

Here, we explain how they work:


They are the heart of our cleaning agents and real all-rounders. Surfactants remove dirt from a variety of surfaces and ensure that a glass has no stains or turbidity (cloudiness) after rinsing. In addition, surfactants must be less sensitive to water hardness and do a lot of work within a wide temperature range. In claro products you will mainly find non-ionic surfactants, as these perform best in dishwashing detergents.

Complexing agents

These are the limescale fighters among our ingredients and ensure that no limescale forms or any existing does not spread. Calcium ions, which can be found, for example, in tea or coffee stains, are dissolved with the help of complexing agents. And also thanks to them, you can save doing the pre-rinse.


Enzymes are also cleaners. Hydrolases, the enzymes found in dishwashing detergents, remove dirt based on proteins and polysaccharides. Amylases fight against starchy residues such as from potatoes and flour, and proteases deal with protein-containing food residues such as egg-white and milk. In general, enzymes reduce rinsing times and water consumption, and thanks to them you can also lower the washing temperature. Very environmentally friendly, these enzymes!

Active oxygen

This is the activator in our tabs. It is found in the white phase at the heart of all claro tabs, i.e. in the middle layer. In addition, we also use a low-temperature activator so that your dishes are already clean at 30°C.

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