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Our products boast

…not only the highest cleaning performance, but are also sustainably packaged:

Recycled cardboard made of 95% waste paper

The boxes for our Tabs and our Alpine Salt are made of recycled paper and of course are plastic-free, so they can be easily put in the paper waste for recycling.

Water-soluble film

The water-soluble film is made of so-called polymers. The special feature of these polymers is that they are completely biodegradable. The polymers of the water-soluble film are degraded to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). So, when they dissolve in the water, nothing remains – neither in the water, nor in the dishwasher and certainly not on the dishes. Thanks to our patented water-soluble film on the Tabs, here at claro we’re reducing plastic waste.

100% recycled PET

The bottle for our claro Rinse Aid and our claro Rhubarb Washing-up Liquid is made of recycled plastic and should be disposed of via the yellow bag for recycling. Thus, CO2 is reduced within the handling process.


100% recyclate

The entire tub, including the lid, of our Dishwasher Cleaner Powder is made of Austrian recyclate PE and is 100% recyclable. The tub contains only the active ingredient, so additional water as a filler is dispensed with during transport.

Shipping boxes

Every online shop order is packed in a climate-neutral recycled cardboard made of 100% waste paper. Before we ship our detergents, we protect them, wherever necessary, with filling material made of cardboard boxes from various transport damage. With a cardboard shredder, we can reuse our cardboard boxes from the production and upcycle them into valuable cardboard filling material. Once packed and protected, the shipping box is now closed with a paper parcel tape.

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