The Classic System package is the perfect package for all flushing professionals:

Environmental friendliness is something wonderful. She has only one catch: You do not trust her that much. Do not wash thoroughly, do not wash clean enough, can not work – one prejudice chases the next. HOW BEAUTIFUL, that we have successfully proved the opposite for years. Whether with our conversion of all tabs on phosphate-free in 2008 – well before the legislature has prescribed. claro products are proof that sharp, harmful to health and the environment harmful substances are absolutely not necessary to clean streak-free and clean dishes. And the ecosystem thanks us: because our dishwashing tablets rinse without residue and are therefore harmless to humans and nature. The patented water-soluble film enables easy dispensing and avoids plastic waste. The alpine salt softens the water and prevents lime deposits in the machine. Our claro ECO rinse aid provides for a glamorous appearance.

Of course, our products are phosphate-free, palm-free and made in Austria!

claro ÖKO Classic Tabs and the claro ÖKO rinse aid are awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel!

CONTENT: claro ECO Classic tablets (75 pcs.), claro salt 1kg & claro ECO rinse 500ml.