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Lime deposits in the most impossible places, especially where it is not easy to get there. Therefore, it is important to liberate the washing machine from time to time. claro lime-stop tabs reliably remove the lime and make the interior of the washing machine shine again in full shine

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The phosphate-free claro ECO water-softener tablets can not only remove limescale, but much more!
The lime solution lightens the textiles and automatically requires less detergent.
Place a lime-stop-tab directly with the detergent in the main dishwashing chamber of your washing machine per wash and you’re ready to go.
That means longer life for laundry and washing machine!

  • Extends the life of the washing machine
  • Protects clothing from mechanical stress
  • Maintains the luminosity of the colors
  • Saves money because less detergent is needed
  • Lime protection

CONTENT: 45 tablets

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