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The ultrapure Alpensalz in pyramid shape makes everyday life of dishwasher holders much easier. For households with hard water salt is especially important. Of course, also the cardboard is produced regionally. A part of the cardboard consists of grass, to reduce CO2 and save water.

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Most people don’t think about the salt when they’re washing up. But for households with hard water it is especially important. Because the more calcium the water contains, the more damage it can do to your dishwasher and crockery. The salt absorbs the calcium from the water, makes it softer and provides an optimal environment for dishwashing.

Recycled cardboard from grass

100% means that we can not compromise – so save 50% CO². Compared to wood pulp, we can reduce transport distances from 11,000 km to up to 50km. The water consumption to use the pulp made of wood is huge with 5000 liters per ton. In comparison, grass only needs 2 liters per ton. Now you ask yourself the grass for the kitchen stays? Do not worry, the grass is out of the compensation areas and could not be used as feed. PS: After use, the packaging can easily pass on the compost or recycle the paper waste.

Of course, our products are phosphate-free, palm-free and made in Austria!

claro 100% salt is certified by ECOCERT!

Think of the environment and choose a low-temperature program and rinse with a full machine. So you reduce the water consumption and you reduce the water pollution.

For a wonderful stay, we recommend 100% classic tabs, 100% rinse aid and claro 100% alpine salt in the pyramid.


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