claro 100% rinsing agent

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The claro 100% rinsing agent ensures at the end of the rinse for a great deal of shine.  The tag is for the most part out of grass to reduce CO2 and save water. The bottle is 100% recycling PET and can be recycled afterwards.

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The 100% rinse aid has a lot to do at the end of the rinse cycle. He ensures that the dishes dry and shine in full gloss, without water and limescale.

The master of glamor accelerates the drying process by tensioning the water drops, so that they do not settle on the dishes and he can develop his gloss formula.
That does not just sound dry, that’s it. Completely.  

  • Prevents water and lime stains
  • Contains washing active substances for faster drying
  • With hygienic freshness and shine formula
  • With comfort dosage
  • Biodegradable
  • High performance without animal experiments  
  • 100% recycled PET bottle
  • label is printed on grass paper


Of course, our products are palm oil-free and made in Austria!

The claro 100% rinse aid is awarded by Ecocert!  


Think of the environment and choose a low-temperature program and rinse with a full machine. So you reduce the water consumption and you reduce the water pollution.


For a glamorous appearance, we recommend claro 100% Classic tablets, claro 100% rinsing agent and claro salt.

CONTENT: 500ml

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