Environmental friendliness is something wonderful. She has only one catch: You do not trust her that much. Do not wash thoroughly, do not wash clean enough, can not work – one prejudice chases the next. HOW BEAUTIFUL, that we have successfully proved the opposite for years. Whether with our conversion of all tabs on phosphate-free in 2008 – well before the legislature has prescribed. claro products are the proof that sharp, harmful to health and the environment Substances are absolutely not necessary to clean streak-free and clean dishes. And the ecosystem thanks us: no matter if it’s tab or dishwashing detergent – our all-rounders do not leave any residue behind and are therefore harmless to humans and nature. claro’s powder-365-day-all-round-package ensures environmentally friendly flushing all year round: This will equip you for a year for all flushing challenges. With our ECO classic powder, the claro salt in the practical dosing pyramid and our ECO rinse aid we cover the basic needs of your dishwasher perfectly. For a clean dishwasher, free of grease and lime, provides the patented claro machine care.

Of course, our products are phosphate-free, palm-free and made in Austria!

claro ECO Classic powder and the claro ECO rinse aid are awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel!

Content: 8x claro ECO classic powder (900 g), 3 x claro salt 1kg, 2 x claro ECO Rinse Aid 500ml, 3x claro ECO Machine Care Powder 1 Pcs