Natural Talents We have the right ECO products for you.

The claro natural talents guarantee clean dishes! Our products are not only free of chlorine and phosphate but also environmentally friendly! Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to dishwashing – Trust the experts. All our products are produced in Austria! Our tabs are wrapped in a biodegradable and water-soluble foil. We have the right tool for all the different types when it comes to dishwashing. No matter if you prefer our claro classic Tabs or classic powder, the All in 1 Tabs or Hygiene Pure Tabs or our claro Eco Hand-Dishwashing Liquid.

Produktkategorie Icon RinseRinse Tipps für dich von uns

  • claro Eco Classic
    Use our Classic Tab together with salt and rinsing agent. One Tab per washing cycle and your dishes are going to be perfectly clean.More Information
  • claro Hygiene
    The Hygiene Tab removes 99.99% of all fungi, bacteria and viruses. This kind of disinfection is not only relevant for allergy sufferers but also for babies and children!More Information
  • claro Eco All in 1
    Our All-in-1 Tab is especially popular with all Tea- and Coffee Lovers out there. Even persistent stains are going to be completely removed.More Information
  • claro 100%
    Zero Waste Tab
    The claro 100% Zero Waste Tabs are made with natural ingredients, which are complete biodegradable. Also the grass cardbord is compostable.More Information
  • claro Eco Classic
    For everybody who likes to take matters into one´s own hands. You can decide how much powder you need depending on the amount of dishes and dirt.More Information
  • claro Multi Dishwasher
    The claro Multi Powder is the first all-in-1-powder on the market. With the integrated salt and rinse aid function it makes dishwashing a breeze. The claro Multi powder assures optimum cleaning performance and effortless dosage.More Information
  • claro Eco Rinsing Agent
    for a brilliant shine
    Our Rinsing Agent is essential for all of our Classic products. It prevents lime and water stains and it is biodegradable of course. The bottle is made of recycled PET.More Information
  • claro Eco Salt
    in the pyramid
    Our Salt is mined in Austrian Alps and guarantees flawless quality in every grain of salt. The water is softened, which prevents your dishwasher from dangerous lime scale.More Information
  • claro Eco Hand-Dishwashing
    Hand-Dishwashing Liquid is a must for every household. Especially our biodegradable Hand-Dishwashing Liquid from claro in a 100% recycled PET bottle.More Information
  • claro 100%
    dishwashing powder
    Starting with the use of natural ingredients to production in Austria and the complete biodegradability, the classic dishwashing powder which is packed in a grass carton is a completely green thing!More Information
  • claro 100%
    rinsing agent
    The claro 100% rinsing agent ensures at the end of the rinse for a great deal of shine. The tag is for the most part out of grass to reduce CO2 and save water. The bottle is 100% recycling PET and can be recycled afterwards.More Information
  • claro 100% salt
    in grass-packaging
    The ultrapure Alpensalz in pyramid shape makes everyday life of dishwasher holders much easier. For households with hard water salt is especially important. The cardboard consists of grass, to reduce CO2 and save water.More Information
  • claro 100%
    dishwashing soap
    100% means no compromises! Starting with the use of natural ingredients to the complete biodegradability, the 100% dishwashing soap which is packed in a grass package band is a completely green thing!More Information

Produktkategorie Icon WashWash Tipps für dich von uns

  • claro laundry powder
    The claro laundry powder Schneeweißchen takes care of your white laundry and makes sure that it gets perfectly clean and snow-white.More Information
  • claro laundry powder
    The new claro laundry powder Kunterbunt cleans your colorful laundry on the basis of renewable raw materials and free of dyes and microplastics. More Information

Produktkategorie Icon CareCare Tipps für dich von uns

  • claro Eco Dishwasher Cleaner
    The Dishwasher Cleaner Powder provides hygienic cleanliness in your Dishwasher.  Our patented i-seal technology guarantees the full effect at the right time.More Information
  • claro Eco Water Softening Tabs
    for your washing machine
    Our claro Eco Water Softening Tabs soften the water and ensure a long service life for your washing machine. Moreover you are protecting the environment, as you need less detergent.More Information